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Certified pediatric sleep consulting 

About Me

Now we all would like to feel refreshed in the morning from a good nights sleep. But that doesn't always seem possible with little ones. I currently was right where you are when I first had my daughter Sage. It seems like you have everything in control one day and then the next day all craziness breaks loose. Schedules were good, feeds were on point, wake windows seemed perfect as can be but then a vacation weekend arrives, or a family dinner is in session. I finally reached out for help too, which enabled the whole family to be well rested, at ease and happy. 


Being a mommy of an infant or toddlers isn't easy, but if you have a good routine, life gets a little bit easier through this season. 


I met my husband, Tim, coaching water polo. He was currently reffing the game I was coaching. Come to find out we both played water polo in college but now both work with kids. He is a physical education teacher and water polo coach and I have been in the fields of coaching water polo, teaching swim lessons and owning my own catering company. We got married in 2014, and then had our now 6 year old daughter Sage in 2015, our 4 year old daughter Reese, in 2018 and our 3 year old son Caleb in 2019. As I was getting Sage on a schedule, I naturally started forming a passion for a good nights sleep. We then had Reese and I decided it was time for me to help others and become a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. 


Im so excited to walk side by side with you and your family.





Phone Consultation

Would be best for a family that is looking to get a better nights sleep. This phone consultation will provide much  needed information to allow your family to sleep longer and sounder every night. 

Basic Start Up Plan

A quick coffee date to allow me as a consultant to get to know you and your families goals towards a good nights rest. 

1 Week Plan

The one week plan allows me to really get to know you and your family one on one. I will come to your home to get a better understanding or what you need. I will be available the whole week via email, text or phone. I will give you a personalized sleep plan that allows you and your family to get a good nights rest. 


Healthy Starts for Families

All Videos

All Videos

Healthy Starts for Families



"Katie is so patient and loving when it comes to sleep coaching-and life really! She doesn't act like my questions are stupid (even if she has told me the answers before) or if I am doing everything wrong. Her sweet demeanor and simple approach to sleep coaching will give you comfort when you need it most."

Heidi - Mother of 3
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